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J.P Painting & General Labor doesn’t hesitate when faced with laborious jobs and complicated projects - we welcome them! Established in the local area, we provide a massive variety of Painter services. Talented, well-organized and proactive, we are extremely talented in interior, exterior, commercial and domestic painting and decorating, with certified professionals who specialise in different fields. This offers our customers a specialised methodology that ensures full customer satisfaction, backed by our reviews. We're open most days, so pop in or contact us on the form below.

We don't waste time or money

Our painter and decorator services supply two things most can’t: speed and affordable prices. We hate wasting people’s time and that’s why, once we’ve created a timescale, we stick to it. We never leave a job half-done or not up to a high quality standard, and we ensure a full package that benefits our clients to the fullest. Our prices are fair and as you pay for quality, that’s what you’ll get! As soon as you tell us your exact requirements, we keep to your needs directly and pull up a timescale and budget according to your requirements, all the while providing professional guidance and recommendations.

We adapt to you

Our painters and decorators are highly professional and work with the clients’ best interests at heart. That’s why we adapt our timetables to yours, and not the other way round. As one of the best painter and decorator services in the local area, we offer tailored solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. All our internal and external jobs are carried out in this way, so rest assured we can resolve all your painting and decorating requirements.


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